Baem’s Services


Baem Leadership works with clients in the following ways:


Learning Design and Facilitation

Talent Strategy Consultation

Leadership Coaching


Learning Design and Facilitation

All of Baem’s learning-experience engagements begin with a thorough discovery process so that the learning initiative centers on the client's specific learning and business outcomes. We generate an engaging classroom experience with content that reflects the client's culture, environment, and protocols, whether the solutions are off the shelf or created for a client’s specific needs.

+ Leadership and Management Development

At the core of any successful company are leaders who engage, excite, and empower their teams. Leaders need to heighten their self-awareness to make the most of their personal effectiveness to drive individual, team, and business performance to their highest potential. Baem Leadership has worked extensively with leaders at every level — from established executives at the C-level to high-potential, developing leaders — on enhancing their abilities to set strategy, share vision, collaborate, influence, communicate effectively, and manage up, down, and laterally.

Baem Leadership can develop and deliver in-person programming, create customized e-learning, and curate an e-learning curriculum using off-the-shelf content for your employee-development needs.

+ Digital Transformation

The advent and dominance of digital has irrevocably shifted how business is conducted, from how companies embrace their customers’ needs and wants to how leaders must create internally the conditions for their employees to deliver value and innovate at the lightning speed the current era requires. Baem Leadership knows firsthand how startups disrupt the status quo and work rapidly to create customer-centric products and services. We can help established companies adopt startup principles of working leaner and faster, and not being afraid to fail forward in the name of disruption. We can help leaders adjust their leadership approach to create followership in the digital age, as well as help them inculcate in their teams the mind-sets, practices, and behaviors that foster innovation.

+ Leading High-Performing Teams

Today, it is a given that employees will be asked to create value and produce results via teaming. Baem Leadership can help teams — intact and established or ad-hoc and formed for a specific purpose — identify their purpose and meaning and leverage their strengths to work more efficiently to produce business results faster.

Our content on teaming focuses on customer centricity, managing complexity, identifying team values to deliver customer value, realizing value in collaboration, fostering a coaching culture, and breaking down silos.

+ Fostering Inclusive Environments

The case for a diverse workforce has been widely shared: Companies benefit from a workforce that reflects the clients they seek to serve. However, how leaders execute on this belief throughout the employee lifecycle — from attraction to onboarding to development to promotion — remains a challenge for both established and new businesses.

Baem Leadership’s approach focuses on teaching and instilling the behaviors, micro-habits, and practices that can help foster an environment of inclusion in which all members of a workplace have their accomplishments recognized, the opportunities to express their ideas and opinions freely, and their contributions valued.

+ The Cross-Generational Workplace

We now have four generations of employees in today’s workforce, which leads to a high degree of variability in preferences with regard to workplace communication and collaboration tactics, expectations for workplace norms, and general work styles.

Baem Leadership, founded by a Gen X’er, has deep experience in creating productive work relationships and environments including employees across all four generations. We can help your employees develop the skills to assess how their native mind-sets and behaviors could be experienced by others, and how to adjust their approaches to foster maximum productivity.



Talent Strategy Consultation

Companies are in a constant quest to maximize their most important assets — their people. With the fight for talent as competitive as ever, workplaces need to offer compelling employee experiences to increase retention, maximize engagement, and accelerate performance.

Baem Leadership’s talent strategy consultation services focus on on-boarding and performance-management solutions that feature our clients’ strategies and business goals as our central, guiding influences. We do this in partnership with our clients so that the look, feel, and substance of our co-created initiatives are authentic to company culture and norms.



Leadership Coaching

Baem Leadership coaching helps leaders and aspiring leaders achieve success through the extraction of the coachees’ vision, potential, and action-planning. We offer both one-to-one and group coaching, and can help companies design and execute customized programs for specific employee populations.

Our coaching process can include various psychometric assessments, including the Hogan suite of assessments, the Workplace Big Five, the Leadership Versatility Index, and Insights Discovery.